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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pretty girls with doe eyes or red hair

I'm not gay (I'm pretty sure), but if I were, I would definitely have a type. My major girl crushes are...
Evanna Lynch, Karen Gillan, Allison Harvard, Zooey Deschanel, Bonnie Wright, Emma Watson and Clemence Poesy. Okay, Emma Watson doesn't quite fit the type but whatever. And I guess Clemence doesn't exactly have doe eyes. Shut up, she's still gorgeous.
I just love them all, though. I desperately wish I had red hair. I'm thinking about dying it soon. Once I convince my mum, that is, since she's not too keen on the idea.
Anyway, I love Evanna Lynch, probably because, for one, she will always be tied to Luna in my head and I love Luna and all that she stands for and believes in. But I also love Evanna because, well first, she fucking adorable. She's like a little doll that I want to put in my pocket. But she's also strong. If you've read her Dear Mr. Potter letter you know what I'm talking about. And she just seems like a sweet person, not to mention she has that voice that sounds like wind and flutes.
Karen Gillan is incredibly lovely. She has that cute Scottish accent and the fiery hair. And her eyes can set you on fire. She's funny but at the same time sarcastic. Her and Amy Pond are in a similar predicament as Evanna and Luna.
Allison Harvard was a contestant on America's Next Top Model on Cycles 11 (I think) and 17 (again, I think - I know it was the All-Stars one) and she was the runner up for both. Getting beat out by another model that was, in my opinion, nowhere near as good as her. She looks like an ethereal angel, for one. Those huge blue eyes and the pretty lips. And the long blonde hair makes her look like sunshine. But then she's obsessed with nosebleeds and draws macabre and strange things. It's a surprise and I love that about her. She reminds me of a child with her interest in things and just her awkwardness. She's so cute.
Zooey Deschanel is known for her eyes, or at least, I'd say so. Her pale skin, hair blacker than night and eyes the color of blue Kool-Aid all set her off. And she has such a unique voice and a great laugh. And she always has this quality of looking off into the distance as if she's imagining something wonderful. As though she's dreaming. And I love it.
Bonnie Wright is another redhead (and will always be tied to Ginny, for me) I love Ginny for similar reasons I love Bonnie. She's strong-willed but quite nice to be around (I'm assuming here). She seems as though she'd be friends with anyone that isn't an ugly person (and I mean this in terms of personality, not looks) and doesn't care what people think. And did I mention the red hair?
I've loved Emma Watson ever since I first saw her when I was about 8. At that point, she just was Hermione. She wasn't a separate person to me, at that time. But as I sort of grew with Hermione and became interested more and more in the actors that played each character, I grew to love Emma as well. She's had the most trouble deciding what she wants to do - school or acting. Being famous...or being normal. She made it understandable to even kids like me, that being famous wasn't all it was cracked up to be. She didn't seem to care about fashion and labels and going out just to be seen. I loved that. She seemed to just want to hang out with friends especially Dan and Rupert, who she has said are like brothers. And, how could they not be? They have grown up together. Just everything she does, makes me love her even more.
Clemence Poesy I don't actually know too much about. She is gorgeous, though. Perhaps, when I see her, I'm focusing more on Fleur, who I really do love. I love that we met her during the Triwizard tournament and she didn't seem particularly bright or special - simply a part Veela that was good at attracting male attention. But when she meets Bill, becomes part of the Order, we do get to see her fight a little bit. She maintains her extreme femininity while still striving to do all she can in her part to help save the Wizarding World. Granted, it's not much, and yes she can still be annoying "Phelgm" but I think I'll always love her character.
So there you have it. All my girl crushes and why I like them all so much. I don't really know why I even did this. And I'm feeling exceedingly gay right now. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, of course. But I do feel a bit awkward. So I suppose I'll go now and take comfort in the fact that not many people will even read this.

Evanna, Luna, Karen, Amy, Allison, Zooey, Bonnie, Ginny, Emma, Hermione, Clemence, Fleur, I just want you to know that I try every day to be a bit like each of you and in doing so become a bit more myself.

Until we meet again,

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