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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Song Analysis

You can listen to my fanmix on 8tracks here.

So the final tracklist for my Enjolras/Grantaire mix is...
1. Made for Glory by Landon Pigg
2. Inside a Boy by My Brightest Diamond
3. Night Terror by Laura Marling
4. I Would Do Anything For You by Foster the People
5. Hounds by The Antlers
6. Too Late by M83
7. Thin Air by Aqualung
8. Parachutes by Coldplay
9. Icarus by Bastille
10. No One Would Riot For Less by Bright Eyes
11. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Now I'm going to talk about why I picked the songs and all that fun stuff and it's probably going to get pretty long so if you have no interest in that there is nothing else here for you.

Made for Glory - I view this mix as being, for lack of a better phrase, from Grantaire's point of view. This song I take to be him talking about how Enjolras was born to be great.
You are made for glory / And it's no wonder why you're here / For all to see / But like a thorn upon my flesh / Your beauty haunts me / I can't find relief / And it's no wonder why you're here / To torture me

Inside a Boy - There isn't anything too specific about this one it's more the whole feeling of it. The sound is soft of dreamy and ethereal but I liked the violence of the lyrics We are stars colliding / Now we crash like lightning. Theirs is something of a violent sort of love rather than an easy and soft one.

Night Terror - I chose this one almost solely for the lyrics If they want you / They're gonna have to fight me

I Would Do Anything For You - I was conflicted about this one because it's pretty upbeat and I felt it might not fit well but I chose it for the lyrics Every day is a battle I face / Strange life I live but it's what you've decided / I'll give it all into your hands / Do what you will with me

Hounds - There were a few Antlers songs I was thinking about but I eventually chose this one (I don't like having more than one song by the same artist).
They want to conquer you / Abandon you / I want to burden you / Belong to you

Too Late - Mostly I liked the sound of this one. It sounds introspective and kind of dark.

Thin Air - This one made me think of the death scene (from the movie, at least) where Enjolras falls through the window, if you take it quite literally. Tell me that you'll love me forever / Or go without another word / With our hands holding tight together / Out into the new world / And you're standing on the edge of something / Tell me I was right to care / Well you know that I'm in love with you / Stepping out into the thin air
The repetition of I believe in you was also a good factor.

Parachutes - Just a short one that's a sort of bumper, I suppose.

Icarus - I saw a quote on tumblr that I'm not sure where it originates or if the person made it up themselves but I liked it: "He is Icarus; Enjolras the sun. He will burn to be near him." I liked this quote so much I came across several songs called Icarus and this one fitting quite nicely.
Icarus is flying too close to the sun / And Icarus' life, it has only just begun / And this is how it feels to take a fall / Icarus is flying towards an early grave
For me, it fit with the quote well (which I thought was a great description of their relationship) and alluded to their deaths.

No One Would Riot For Less - I imagine this as a sort of night-before-the-barricade conversation where Grantaire yells in a passion that he loves Enjolras and they're both probably going to die tomorrow.
So love me now, Hell is coming / Yeah kiss my mouth, Hell is here / Little soldier, little insect / You know war it has no heart / It will kill you in the sunshine / Or happily in the dark

Radioactive - I really didn't want to use this song because of it being in the trailer for The Host but I eventually broke down and used it to represent the day of the barricade. It's a very revolutionary sounding song but I liked the lyrics I raise my flags, don my clothes / It's a revolution, I suppose / We're painted red to fit right in
Red really evokes the revolution for me with the flags and Enjolras' coat but I especially liked the "It's a revolution, I suppose" because it was so cynical and Grantaire to me.

So there you go. I think that's everything.
 If you read any of that I appreciate it.


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