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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Something Borrowed: A (Complaining) Movie Review

So I'm watching Something Borrowed. Again. Even though I hate it. But I'm now watching it with a love for John Krasinski.
If you're wondering why I hate it let me explain, as I come to the main point of this post. And, just to be fair, there are spoilers for the movie ahead. I haven't read the book though so I don't know how that goes.
Okay so if you're unaware the main plot of the movie is about rather introverted Rachel, extroverted Darcy and Dex. Rachel and Dex are friends from law school. Rachel has always had a crush on Dex but when she introduces him to her best friend Darcy, of course he falls for her. And soon they are engaged.
But leading up to the wedding Rachel and Dex realize their feelings for each other and start a...well a what exactly? A relationship? I mean a girl is having an affair with her best friend's fiance. And well he's cheating on his fiance with her best friend. Obviously this is just all wrong. But what I found weird from the beginning was that the whole cheating aspect wasn't really talked about. I dunno how to explain it. Like the main conflict was Rachel and Dex being together and not the fact that they were both doing something wrong. But then you don't exactly pity Darcy either as she's sort of a bitch. So none of the characters are all that likable.
But here's what I really hated. Rachel's other friend, Ethan. I actually really liked Ethan (played by John Krasinski), he was sweet and funny. And near the end, after Rachel has finally realized that he's right about Dex and Darcy and everything, she goes to visit him as he's recently gone to London. And while there he tells her that he's liked her for a long time. And she doesn't say anything. How do you sit there while this guy looks at you tells you he likes you, that he has for a long time, and says, "You are home for me," and not say anything. I understand she's in love with Dex so she's not gonna all of a sudden fall in Ethan's arms. But he's been there for her through all of this, the difficulty of which we can now fully appreciate as he's in love with her, and yet this doesn't affect her thinking at all. So she goes back for the wedding which Dex calls off at the last minute. And we never find out what happens to Ethan (though I suspect that may be a topic for later books because I doubt there will be more movies).
And...Rachel and Dex end up together anyway because it turns out Darcy was cheating with this skeezy guy named Marcus and is pregnant.
Ugh I just hate this movie.
But okay I'm done rambling now.
And I'll try and post more. Do random little things like this make you happy?

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