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Friday, August 30, 2013

Fanmix Meme

My fanmix meme is here on 8tracks.
In which I describe why I picked the songs I picked when I picked them with a peck of pickled peppers. (I don't know what that was—a tongue twister joke?)
So here we go...
1. a song that reminds you of your favorite season - Isn't It A Lovely Night by The Decemberists.
I think this one is pretty self-explanitory. This song reminds me of summertime.
3. a song that reminds you of someone you care about - Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.
This one has more of a story. My mom and I had just watched The Host and this song plays as the end credits start. She started singing alone with it but instead of "radioactive" she sang "ready to rock you". I asked her, "You know they're saying radioactive, right?" She didn't believe me until she turned it up and listened to it again but she still sings it her way.
5. a song that makes you feel like flying - Fairy Dance by James Newton Howard.
I have a bad habit of putting this on every fanmix where it'll fit, like I do with quite a few songs. I just love it so much. And every time I hear it, it feels like flying and watching Peter Pan for the first time all over again.
6. a song that makes you feel like falling - O Death by Jen Titus.
This song makes me feel like I'm falling into hell. In a good way. If there is a good way to that.
7. a song you listen to when you're sad - Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless.
It depends on what kind of sad I'm in but usually I listen to loud music. In fact, this is the only time I listen to loud music. And really, the only loud music I have that I like, is The Pretty Reckless. I listen to all their music when I'm sad but Make Me Wanna Die is the one I always end up skipping around to.
8. a song that you've fallen in love with because of the lyrics - The River by Kyla La Grange.
I heard this song on a fanmix but I thought the lyrics were so interesting and lovely. I quote them on Twitter all the time.
9. an instrumental song you love - The Equation by Chad Seiter.
This song is from the episode The Equation in season 1 of Fringe. When the boy played the song in the episode I really liked it but didn't think I'd ever really hear it again. I wasn't expecting it to be a full song. So when I heard it on the soundtrack I was really excited and now I can't stop listening to it. It's one of my favorite pieces of instrumental music.
11. a song that is about something you love - I Want To Hold Your Hand by T.V. Carpio
I mean, who doesn't love holding hands? And I really, really love this version too (I think better than the original SORRY). I just love the way it sounds slowed down and sung more...desperately, I guess. But that's just my opinion.
12. a song that makes you want to run until you're some place far away - Cloviswing by Jean-Claude Laudat. I love French music, especially classic French music. It always makes me want to run to a different time and place.
13. two songs that always bring a vivid image of something to mind - Once Upon a December by Liz Callaway and Funeral Pyre Straits by Chris Tilton.
Once Upon a December always calls to mind that scene of Anastasia dancing around an empty ballroom full of ghosts.
And Funeral Pyre Straits is from Fringe and is connected so vividly with the funeral scene (I won't say whose for the sake of spoilers) in my mind that I sometimes get a little (ahem a lot) residual emotion when hearing it.
14. a song that you want to share - Landfill by Daughter.
At first, I wasn't sure I was gonna do this one because the prompt makes it sound like you should pick a song that you want the rest of the world to discover. Whereas I'm sure plenty of people know this song. I'm never that cool as to find things before they're cool. But I like this song and have been listening to it a lot lately so here you go.

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