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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Told A Little Boy Where To Buy a Magic Wand

But that's not where today's tale starts.
I went into my mum's room this morning around noon, I guess as she was asking me about which iPhone case she should get if she were to get an iPhone. I told her I had no clue and promptly fell asleep. I haven't been sleeping very well lately, due to nightmares. Very stupid nightmares might I add, but that's a story for another post, isn't it?
My parents woke me up around 6:00, I think, to go out to eat. We went to a buffet called Fire Mountain. I don't know how widespread they are or if you've heard of them. They're all right as far as buffets go, I guess. They have taco meat and chips which is what I usually eat (just meat and chips - no cheese, lettuce or tomato - loosely called a taco salad). But I haven't been very hungry lately as I just started taking birth control and it makes me rather nauseous. So I tried to pick at some food and ate some rolls with honey butter (so good). But moving on...
Whenever we go out to eat my dad has a habit of stuffing himself, then he likes to go shopping somewhere so we can walk around which apparently makes him feel better (it only makes me feel worse). So we went to Pier 1 Imports and then walked down the little plaza to Barnes & Noble. I got some cool stuff at Pier 1 such as...
This cute little owl lipgloss (it's citrus flavored)

And this owl hand cream (lavendar scented)

This cute necklace that has an "a" in it; it's kind of hard to see

And this blanket that I couldn't take a good picture of so I had to steal one
At which point we proceeded to head over to Barnes & Noble. Because the Harry Potter books have finally been released as ebooks (you can only get them here on the Pottermore store) they had a little Harry Potter table set up and they had some wands from the Noble Collection. So I was looking at them and this little boy walked up to me. He was probably about 8 or so. He says, "What's that?" So I said, "They're Harry Potter wands." And he gets real excited and says, "Are they real?" And I put on this exaggerated sad face and said, "No. You have to go all the way to Ollivander's to get a real one." His eyes, like, lit up! And he says, "So, you mean, they're real?!" And I just said, "Yeah! Of course!" He kind of ran off then telling someone else that he had to buy a magic wand. He was so cute. I swear, that was probably the highlight of my night.
I bought a few books and a notebook (I swear, I have a problem, nearly every time we go somewhere I get a new notebook) and then we headed home. Here's the stuff I got in case you're curious (aside from a book that is over in my mom's room and I don't feel like getting to take a picture of it; it's Nothing by Janne Teller):
Ender's Game, which I've wanted to read for a while now
And this journal. Funny thing, though about this journal:
I bought the same one in August to do my 365 Pictures project.
The one on the left is the one with the pictures and the one on the right is the new one.
It's kind of hard to believe they're even the same journal...
So, there you go, that's the story of my night. I would love it if someone said hello. I'm starting to feel like I'm talking to no one. I'm not begging, though...ahaha.
Love you guys,

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